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Herb Formulas Our Peach Basket Natural Foods Brand supplements are high quality and very affordable. They are packaged for us by a company that began in the late 1970's called Vitality Works. We even toured their awesome manufacturing facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and saw the farms where some of the herbs they use are grown.
View all add albizia allergies allergy allium american ginseng andrographis angustifolia anti parasitic antioxidant anxiety appetite aromatherapy arthritis ashwagandha astragalus attention berry beta glucan black cohosh black walnut bloating blood pressure blood sugar boneset boswellia bowel brain breast breathe bromelain bronchial bronchitis calm candida cardio cardiovascular cascara sagrada cauenne cayenne chamomile cherry children chinese ginseng chlorophyll cholesterol cimicifuga cinnamon circulation clarity cleanse clove codonopsis coenzyme q10 cognitive cold colloidal silver colon congestion coq10 cough cranberry curamed curamin curcumin d3 dandelion depression detox detoxification devils claw digestion digestive diuretic dlpa drink echinacea elderberry energy epimedium eucalyptus fenugreek flexibility flu fo-ti focus free radical french grape seed extract garlic gentian ginger ginkgo ginseng goldendeal goldenseal gotu kola grape seed extract green tea green walnut hawthorne heart herb herbal supplement holy basil hoodia hops horehound hormone balance horseradish hot flash immune immunity indian gooseberry inflammation insomnia intestinal ivy joint juniper kava kid kidney laxative licorice liquid liquid extract liver lobelia lungs maca maca root male melatonin Melissa memory menopause milk milk thistle mind mix mood myrrh nails nattokinase nausea nervous nettles nursing oil of oregano olive leaf onion opc oregano oregon grape root osha oxidation pain panax pancreatin parasite passion flower pelargonium peppermint phenylalanine pleurisy pomegranate poppy powder prostate pulstatilla Purpurea red root red yeast rice relax relaxation rhodiola rosemary sage saint johns wort sambucol sambucus saw palmetto sedative sesame shiitake silybum skullcap sleep sleep dreams sore throat spilanthes st. john's wort stamina statin stress syrup thyme tincture tribulus triphala turmeric umcka umckaloabo urinary uti uva ursi valerian virility vitamin d3 water weight weight loss white willow bark wild cherry bark wild indigo wild mediterranean wild oat seed yarrow yeast yellow dock yerba mansa yerba santa yohimbe

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